Injury Reporting

Baltimore County has an injury reporting form for incidents that may occur at games and practices. If an event occurs, please complete the form and submit it to your age group commissioner.

Any injury to a participant or volunteer for the Girls Softball program, during a program event, no matter the location, requiring medical treatment must be reported to the Baltimore County Department of Recreation & Parks within 24 hours of the occurrence, or within 24 hours after which the manager/coach becomes aware of the injury. Initial notification may be made via e-mail to the respective Commissioner who will then forward it to the President. At a minimum, the e-mail must include the date, time and location of the incident, name of the injured and their parent/guardian, phone number of the parent/guardian, and the nature of the injury. The President will then forward the information to the Recreation Office. The manager/coach is to complete a written report on the form prescribed by Baltimore County within three (3) days of the incident, or notification of the occurrence.


If the injury is a concussion, or suspected concussion, the injured person is prohibited from participating in any LTRC sanctioned activity until a medical release has been received from the parent/guardian which clearly states that the injured person may once again participate in the activity. Verbal notification by a parent that the injured person has been medically cleared to play once again is not sufficient.

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